Capture images quickly using your mobile device to relay timely information to your team members and stakeholders. Combine images and track status via the cloud.

Capture Images

Capture images from mobile devices using Report and Run: Integrate. These images will be available to team members via the cloud. You can also add images via the web portal and any web-capable device. image of an object changing status/colour

Record the status

Each image can be assigned a status: Not Started, Started, On Schedule, Behind Schedule and Completed. Images can be filtered by status allowing you to separate the complete from the incomplete items quickly. As the work progresses, you can continually update the status. image of an object changing status/colour

Document the Progression

Each image can be updated with follow-up images within an existing report. Follow-up images allow you to take a photo when the work starts, during, and when it is completed. You can also add comments and annotations to each of these follow-up images. image of multiple images being combined

Combine Multiple Images

Using Report and Run: Integrates’ Image Builder, multiple images can be scaled, panned, rotated and combined into one image. This can be used to show an overview image with multiple close-up shots for extra reference, or a before-and-after image. image of multiple images being combined

Mobile and Desktop

Bring your office to the field! You can start a report on your phone and finish it on your desktop. Or, have a team member start a report on the desktop and finish it on the mobile. Whether in the field or at the office, Report and Run let’s you quickly create and send reports.

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