Emphasize the important parts of images with lines, arrows, circles, polygons, checkmarks and crosses. Add more clarity to images with floating notes and paragraphs of text.

Highlight the important parts

Sometimes an image alone is not enough. Which tile is cracked? Which part is out of alignment? Sometimes the best way to let someone know what’s wrong is a big red circle! image of a camera taking a photo

Add measurements

Add measurements to clearly show the dimensions of doors, windows, equipment etc… Just start the text with a number, and the app assumes it is a dimension and it places the text in line with the arrow. image of a camera taking a photo

Provide notes for more detail

Sometimes you need to communicate what needs to happen in each part of the picture. Notes can be added directly to the image. Pick the color, font size and communicate directly on the image. image of an object changing status/colour

Edit from the Desktop

Annotations, notes and detailed paragraphs of text can be added and edited from Report and Run: Integrate and the web. So, you can keep working on your images whether you are in the office or stuck in the field. image of an object changing status/colour

Mobile and Desktop

Bring your office to the field! You can start a report on your phone and finish it on your desktop. Or, have a team member start a report on the desktop and finish it on the mobile. Whether in the field or at the office, Report and Run let’s you quickly create and send reports.

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