Send your report to the rest of the team and/or the client as a PDF or DOCX. You can also send invitations to collaborate with team members on reports.

Generate PDF and DOCX

PDF and DOCX files are generated in the cloud using your settings. For PDF, you can choose from 3 different templates, customize the labels, add your logo and company details, and much more. DOCX gives you more flexibility to style and tailor the report to your exact needs in a suitable word processor. image of a camera taking a photo

If a report is too large for email or text messages are the preferred means of communication, reports can be shared via a public link that expires after seven days. The recipient can download the report by clicking on the link. image of an object changing status/colour

Invite People to View

If you want to integrate stakeholders into your report, you can invite up to 10 report viewers. They will be able to view your report online as you build it. They also won’t count towards your user count. image of multiple images being combined

Invite the Team to Collaborate

Team members can be invited into your your space, folders, or reports. You can grant different levels of permission, such as, whether they can edit, delete, create, invite, or export reports. You can start the Report on your desktop, have a team member populate the report in the field, and complete the edit at the office.

image of a camera taking a photo

Mobile and Desktop

Bring your office to the field! You can start a report on your phone and finish it on your desktop. Or, have a team member start a report on the desktop and finish it on the mobile. Whether in the field or at the office, Report and Run let’s you quickly create and send reports.

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